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Technical Tidbits 02/08/2013: In Which Nate Arises From the Dead

I briefly went into an NSD-induced coma that I'm just now coming out of, so let's have some news shall we?


Texas Tech fan actually exists, does thing. If you recall, Tommy Tuberville allegedly left Texas Tech in the middle of dinner with recruits at a steakhouse. This fan gets revenge in quite an inventive way.

In case you're a huge recruiting dork, here's a PDF of where our recruiting classes have come from over the past 20 years. I'm lookin at you, TBuzz.

In beesball news, we're going to have 29 games broadcast this year, which is good because this means I have a place to sit and drink while watching baseball again since Bud Peterson tore down the wall. Also, Mark Teixeira is going to throw out the first pitch on opening day, so get your tickets now!

Bradley pokes Tech with a lance. In the eye socket. Seriously dude, what the hell?=

From the PR bullshit desk comes the tale of a university cunningly manipulating public opinion to get out of a massive fraud case scot-free.

Notre Dame won't join ACC until fall of 2014. It seems they're waiting for Louisville, who maybe can pull the conference up to a half-assed level of respectability when they join the same year.