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Technical Tidbits 02/05/2013: In Which The Internet Wastes Time

Today's tidbits cover lumberjacking, history, and Beesketball.

Danny Karnik - GT Athletics

The SI vault is pretty neat. Its one of those things about the internet that's great but also horrible, because even though it's fascinating and educational it's not even remotely productive. In particular, a cool picture we found of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sacking Charlie Ward as Ray Lewis looks on.

This is what happens when 70% of your student body is dual majoring in lumberjacking and maple syrup manufacturing. It's pretty cool, but whatever, we can just pay some SCAD hippies to do it for us.

Which ACC teams are going to make the tournament? Find out here!

Apparently there was some uproar when it was announced that we might be switching divisions to account for Louisville's arrival in the ACC, but the conference has shot that down. UL will join the Atlantic division to replace UMD.

Interesting take on the FSU game tonight, hope we can beat the Noles with our muscles.