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CALL TO ARMS: Help Our Recruiting!

PEOPLE: As you know, recruit corn elder is going to be on campus for the basketball game today. We need YOUR help to seal the deal.

Number 2, on the far left, is our man
Number 2, on the far left, is our man
Team Nashville

Dear Everybody,

If you're not planning on going to the game against Virginia in a few hours, your plans should change. We've got highly touted, 4-star RB, dual-athlete wunderkid Corn Elder on campus for his official visit today, and we need to convince him that GT is the place to be. That means you could do several things:

  • Start a "we want corn" chant
  • Make a sign that says "I prefer my Corn in the field, that way it can break LB's neck's" sign.
  • If you're an attractive woman, go get his phone number (hey, I'm not asking you to use it, just get it).
  • Hell, if you're anyone, go be nice to him. He'll be sitting right behind the GT bench.

These are only a few of the things you could do to convince him that this is the right spot. So please, do consider it, I know you want to help the coaching staff out!