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Georgia Tech's 2013 Schedule Released

When we play who we play where we play them

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech's ACC Football schedule was released today. Combining what we already know about our out of conference schedule (Elon, BYU, Alabama A&M, UGA) we can get a detailed look of what we will be facing this fall.

Week 1: August 31 - Elon: This is our home opener. Last year Elon was the home opener for UNC and lost 62-0. Lets hope this continues for them.

Week 2: September 7 - BYE. What is the point of this bye?

Week 3: September 14 - @ Duke: DUKE WENT BOWLING LAST YEAR!! This year they probably won't be as good. Last year we won 42-24. They are ranked 78th in projected 2013 ratings from Football Study Hall. Lets please avoid an early away upset.

Week 4: September 21 - UNC: Highlights from last year. This game was awesome. One of the most entertaining football games Georgia Tech has played in in a long time. You would like to not allow 50 points, but then again when you score 68 it ain't so bad. Also, VAD LEE!!! North Carolina is 38th in Football Study Hall's Projected Ratings. I don't expect one team to be significantly better than the other this season, but I am excited for the game.

Week 5: September 26 - VT: An overtime loss to start the season to a conference rival was not quite what we were hoping for at the start of the season. Logan Thomas is returning for his senior season, and I think that might help us. He has great physical talents but he is pretty inaccurate and doesn't make the best decisions. Plus, I want Attoachu to get one more crack at him. VT is ranked 24th in the projected ratings. But playing this game at home on Thursday after playing UNC at home the Saturday before is going to be tough. This week will go a long way to telling us what we want to know about our team this year. I do love the history of the GT-VT thursday night games though.

Week 6: October 5 - @ Miami: The reigning ACC Coastal Champs, Miami has a chance to do even better this year. Who knows what is going on with their NCAA sanctions after that mess. Who else is excited for another trip to South Beach??? And by South Beach I mean Fort Lauderdale....silly Miami. Here are last year's lowlights.

Week 7: October 12 - @ BYU: Last year we lost a pretty bad one 41-17. We gained a total of 157 yards on offense and didn't score an offensive touchdown. Here are the lowlights. BYU is ranked 28th in the 2013 program ratingsfrom Football Study Hall, while Georgia Tech only ranks 38th. I am not excited to play this game after traveling to Miami the week before.

Week 8: October 19 - Syracuse: We get to play both new teams this year, and I am going to be honest here, I know nothing about Syracuse football. Their head coach was just hired by the Bills, so there is that.

Week 9: October 26 - @ UVA: Last year we whooped up on the Cavaliers, here are the highlights. Virginia is ranked 63rd in the projected rankings for next year. I am certainly more excited to be visiting UVA and tailgating than the actual game against UVA.

Week 10: November 2 - Pitt: New member alert! Pitt is our new Coastal Division friend. Pitt is actually a very solid program, ranking 30th in the Projected 2013 F/+ ratings. While they are never really spectacular, they field a solid team.

Week 11: November 9 - BYE - this bye makes sense.

Week 12: November 14 - @ Clemson: Our first 14 team ACC scheduling quirk. We will be visiting Clemson again this year to fit the schedule in. If this means balancing out our Home/Away years then I am all for it. I hated 2011 when we were at Clemson/Miami/UGA. We need some solid opponents on the off years. Clemson will probably be our toughest conference opponent. Making this a thursday game frustrates me, simply because traveling to Clemson is so much fun for students. I'm unsure if more or less people will travel to the game. Here are last year's lowlights.

Week 13: November 23 - Alabama A&M: We play our 2nd FCS opponent as a tune up before the big one. If we can't have a bye then this is the next best thing.

Week 14: November 30 - UGA: Another shot at this one. Its not even March yet, I am not getting into this so early. As a fan I am not thinking about this game until the 24th of November.

What do you guys think? Any games that stand out or anything you don't like? Put it down in the comments.