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A Prayer to the GT Athletics' Gods

With some struggling days upon us, it is time to take a moment and pray to someone we can all believe in.


Dear Georgia Tech Gods (including but not limited to John Heisman, Bobby Dodd, Bobby Jones, Joe Hamilton, Billy Shaw, Calvin Johnson, Mark Price, Jason Varitek, and Mark Teixeira),

If you are out there, we could use some serious help. Lately, Georgia Tech athletics seems to be getting the “short end of the stick” and we can’t seem to get out of this athletics slump. We finished last football season at 7-7… Something I don’t think ANY football program has ever done. We have also seen sparks of success with our current basketball program with a 10-2 start, as well as last year’s beesball team making history in becoming the first 8th seed to win the ACC Tournament, only to not make it out of our Regionals. Some of our less “spectator” sports are doing well- Golf, Tennis, Track, etc. but we need something to get the students on campus and the fans around the world excited about. HELP US!!

To start with something close to my heart, Brian Gregory might be the long-term savior for this basketball team, but we need something to end the season on to keep fans excited for this young team. We have 5 games left in the season, three of which are going to be quite interesting to say the least (Miami, NC State, and Virginia). Solomon Poole, along with two additional incoming commits, is going to make this young team even better, but we can’t stop there. We need a BIG win before the season's end. I want to see a win against one, maybe even two of these teams to end this season with some momentum. I would love to see a 5 game win streak to put us as a bubble team in SOME post-season playoffs (preferably The Dance), but at this point that is pretty unrealistic. I think this team has already exceeded fans expectations, but let’s get something to remember this season for. Let’s knock Miami out of a #1 seed for March Madness at HOME!!

As far as beesball goes, these returners are something fans are very excited about. This team is going to be good. All I pray for is that you keep this team focused and energized to make it into the post-season, and not stop there. I don’t think this team is satisfied with anything short of a trip to Omaha… Teix/Jason, let’s repeat 1994?? If they go, I can promise you I will be there. Help me spend some money!!!

Football is a never ending battle, but this new AD and football staff might excite this team next season. We are a humble team… Fans of Georgia Tech have helped solidify the fact that we might be the LEAST fair weather fans out there. We stick with this team and no one is giving up. Baby step though, because you are looking at the 2012 Sun Bowl CHAMPS!!!

With a (how do I say this) less than stellar recruiting class, we need some people to step up this off-season. I need some Angel in the Outfield type stuff (football edition) next season. Help guide these players to grow and play well. We have an AWESOME home schedule next season, let’s enjoy it with some big wins ( maybe u(SIC)ga??).

Am I really asking that much? What has Georgia Tech done to deserve this?? If this is a test or something, we’d really appreciate it if you cut us some slack. If we need to make a sacrifice upon an altar, let us know. Anyway, our Tech mentality, “work hard, play hard” doesn’t have to end in the classroom. Let’s work harder and play even harder starting today. Let’s get some excitement back in Tech sports. Here’s to turning over a new leaf and getting back on track. Here's to better seasons!

In your name we pray,

What’s the good word?

To HELL With georgia!!!!