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Technical Tidbits 02/19/2013: In Which Cincy Shows Up Uninvited

Today's Tidbits cover hot seats, Tevin Washington, and bought love.

I'll miss his spirit, but not his throwing motion.
I'll miss his spirit, but not his throwing motion.

2013 college football coach hot seat rankings cover all you need to know about who's on fire in the bad way. Paul Johnson is #7 -- Mark Richt is #3.

Good article about what Tevin Washington is up to these days.

Roof deal worth $550,000 annually - the AJC lawyers pulled Ted Roof's contract out of the obscure legal lands of the open records request and analyzed it. With this kind of money sunk into it, let's hope he pans out. Otherwise this would like taking out a long-term lease on a BMW and then it breaking down after two weeks.

UC touts Nippert overhaul in bid to woo ACC - Cincy is trying to buy our love, and big Johnny Swoff don't roll that way baby. If you wanna be his love, you gotta get with his friends.

We are all Yellow Jackets, VII. I missed it yesterday. oops.