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Technical Tidbits 02/18/2013: In Which Buck Farmer Strikes Us All Out

Today's tidbits cover DUI, College baseball, and the clearly non-deterministic world of college basketball.

In case you didn't know, Alec Olgetree got himself a DUI charge this weekend. The bad news is he can't be suspended for any college games next season or bring NCAA malice upon UGA in any ways because he's no longer a student. Never stop dwaggin, bruh.

This is in no way relevant to anything college sports, but it made me laugh. Good Ol SBNation GIFs.

Nate made another twitter account that links to SBNation's college baseball coverage. Follow it and be learn-ed.

This will be made note of in my beesball weekend wrapup that comes out in a few hours, but I just wanted to point out that Buck Farmer had 14 K's and ZERO walks in 8 scoreless innings on Friday. Last time a guy did that...well you'd have to ask Ken Burns to research that for you because NO ONE KNOWS THE LAST TIME THAT HAPPENED.

Climpsun almost beat Miami last night, and yet we almost beat Climpun. In other words, college basketball this season makes about as much sense as college football does every season. There's been 5 different number ones this season in the AP poll so far, for reference. The other issue here is the final score. It looks like a score from my grandfather's brand of basketball. What the hell is going on in college basketball these days?

A good article from our colleague in typeset Ken Sugiura on the emergence of Marcus Georges-Hunt. Hopefully we will have read one of these about every freshman on the basketball team by the end of the year so the "building" phase is out of the way for next season and the "kicking ass" phase is in full swing.

There's noise about who'll be on the college football playoff selection committee, and you won't like one of them.

There are no words. I bet this cop went to a certain university in the state of Georgia, otherwise there's no way he could be so stupid.