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Technical Tidbits 02/13/2013: In Which we all Commit to Nebraska

Today's tidbits cover TV tomfoolery, recruiting boobies, and toomer's corner.


Two Thursday night games next year? Only one of them is at home, but Ken Sugiura says its a possibility.

Nebraska hires Kate Upton to help with recruiting. I really, really wish this was real. Its probably a good thing its not, actually, because then Nebraska would get 500 LOI on NSD next year.

Saban: arrested Tide players suspended indefinitely. Still doesn't take away the stupid shit they did, and I will use my pulpit to make them look as bad as possible.

Sometimes, we feel like were getting screwed because many of the recruits of character aren't as highly rated as their counterparts. Then we look at their counterparts talking about his arrest on twitter and we remember why we recruit those kids in the first place.

The current state of the Toomer's Corner oaks. First TV money poisoned tradition with realignment, then one jealous bastard poisoned tradition with...poison. *Sigh* /goodoledayswhereareyou

A TV Network Killed the Big East. Who, exactly? The results are a surprising twist in a college football world that's already scripted by M. Night Shyamalan.

We are all Yellow Jackets, III. When you think about college football in the offseason, things usually get a little out of hand. When Mark Bradley talks about Tech-UGA, well...

So, yeah, this is apparently now a thing...

Harlem Shake Georgia Tech SGA (via Julianne Camacho)

Remember, Nate will be on the radio tonight at 6PM on 91.1FM or at We'll be talking about beesball among other important things, so bring your ball caps!