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Technical Tidbits 02/12/2013: In Which the Media Sucks

Today's tidbits cover sensationalism, ACC on TV, and viral videos.

Coach Joseph is going to use her voodoo magic to get the latest high school star to GT.
Coach Joseph is going to use her voodoo magic to get the latest high school star to GT.

We are all Yellow Jackets, III. Despite the opposition, I'm pushing forward. Never forget the lunacy that took place in the name of our humble football team!

This girl just may have what it takes to play ball for GT. After the women's team 33-turnover performance the other night, I'd say Coach Joseph would take her.

Why is every damn thing made for TV? I realize its ironic that a member of the media is complaining about sensationalism since that's how most of the industry makes its money, but things seem to be getting out of hand. We're promoting melodrama not only as a good thing in society, but the right thing; and that's not always the case.

Interim AD Paul Griffin talks about what went down at the ACC meetings in regards to the mystic ACC Network. Up next on the ACCN, we take a look at the world of competitive apathy with Tom O'Brien.

Despite being laughably early, Mark Schlabach's preseason top 25 is a fairly accurate microcosm of college football in 2013, and is worth a look.

We got our second basketball commit last night for the 2013 class! Travis Jorgensen (6-0, 175lb, PG) was previously committed to the hometown Mizzou Tigers and comes to Tech by way of his prep school in Connecticut.

Remember, Nate will be on the radio tomorrow at 6PM on 91.1FM or at We'll be talking about beesball among other important things, so bring your ball caps!