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Technical Tidbits 02/11/2013: In Which We Are All Yellow Jackets II

Today's tidbits feature Nate going off the deep end, ACC recruiting analysis, and good football news.

Robert was pretty surprised by Bradley's article, too.
Robert was pretty surprised by Bradley's article, too.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The opening article of today's tidbits requires a little explanation. If any of you are avid readers of the sports "news"
site Deadspin, you'll know that up until last year they posted a daily link dump much like this one. The article that opened each of these link dumps was The Cranky Redskin Fan's Guide to Dan Synder, a post eviscerating Redskins owner Dan Synder from A to Z. They continued to do this until Dan Synder dropped the lawsuit that he filed in response to this article. So, in that intrepid spirit of bitching on the Internet, I am going to include this flame-baiting piece that I shared with you last Friday by Mark Bradley. This will be in every edition of the tidbits until we beat dwag again. It may be a terrible idea, but Joey will tell you I have a lot of those.

The Macon Telegraph breaks down the rest of the ACC's recruiting classes. What's more fun than trying to find minuscule flaws in your competition?

T.J. Barnes and Rod Sweeting were invited to the NFL combine. I'm calling Barnes to be a 3rd or 4th rounder and Sweeting to be either a 7th rounder or an undrafted FA.

The National College Baseball Writers released their preseason All-American team. Buck Farmer (P) made it to the second team, while Brandon Thomas (OF) made it to the third team.