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Georgia Tech vs. Vanderbilt Basketball Gamethread


Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Alright ladies and gents,

After my hiatus of trying to (and successfully) graduating, it is time to get back in the swing of things with basketball coverage. I apologize for the lack of coverage. Things have been a bit hectic.

Georgia Tech travels up to Nashville today to visit Vanderbilt for one of their last OOC games of the season. I will have a recap of the OOC schedule later next week, however what you need to know is that this is, in my opinion, a VERY big game for the Jackets. This was one of those games I marked when the season started as an important out of conference opponent that would really tell Jacketfans if this team is legit or not.

The 8-3 Jackets take on the 6-3 Commodores today at 4pm ET on Fox Sports South. It can also be heard on IMG Sports Radio 106.7 and on ESPN3.

Follow me here for updates about the game. I will try to get a post game up by the end of the night as well. I would love to talk anything basketball with you in the comments below.