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Growing Up, Abandonment, and You

It's a special day for yours truly, and it's going to have some consequences for you, the reader.

For those unaware, today I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am really excited for the forthcoming nightmares of having slept through alarms and missed tests, and for the forthcoming spam from the Alumni Association trying to get my money. What I'm not excited about is leaving the place I've called home for the last 4-plus years, or walking away from the source of my Stockholm Syndrome.

However, we grow up, we move on, and life takes us to different places.

No, I'm not leaving the blog. Well, I am, but I'm not. For the next week, I can be located somewhere in the southern Caribbean, torturing my liver with all sorts of "goodies", inappropriately shouting things like "SPRING BREAK" aboard a huge hunk of floating steel that was designed by a lot of people smarter than me. That means I won't be here, and you'll get a nice breather from reading what I have to say. Lucky you!

In the meantime, we've got a great show planned for you. (I was the guest host of SNL in a past life.) We'll have basketball coverage and bowl coverage and Lord knows what else, all courtesy of the staff other than me.

Congratulations to all of the other graduates today -- including athletes such as Robert Godhigh, JC Lanier, Christopher Crenshaw, Euclid Cummings, Daniel Drummond, Jemea Thomas, Louis Young, Isaiah Johnson, and Brandon Watts. Hopefully you feel as accomplished as I do to have walked on that stage and shaken the hand of Bud Peterson, finally able to call yourself an alumnus with an alma mater like Georgia Tech.

See you all in a week! Enjoy your time without me!