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Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders Regular Season Wrapup

It's been a fun season to date, filled with all sorts of crazy twists and turns. Let's look back at the season that was.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics


32 Users combined for 1300 Total Picks. Of those, 709 were Correct Picks, good for a 54.5% Success Rate. The average user made 40.625 picks, with an average of 22.56 correct picks.

The games with the highest success rates were...

UNC 66.7% (92-46)

Duke 65.9% (87-45)

Syracuse 64.7% (66-36)

The games with the lowest success rates were...

uga 37.8% (34-56)

Miami 44.5% (53-66)

Virginia 46.7% (42-48)

Predictably, we went 453-303 (59.9%) in Georgia Tech wins, and 256-288 (47.1%) in Georgia Tech losses. Versus the spread, we went a collective 126-92 (57.8%) on the season with perfect records against Duke (22-22) and UNC (23-23), although disaster struck against BYU (2-15), Virginia (2-13), and Clemson (1-16).

User Awards

Josh Nesbitt Most Reliable Award: This award goes to the users who made every pick this year, from Elon to uga. It's named after the guy who could guarantee you 3 yards every time he carried the ball. There were 72 total possible picks per user, and 7 of us made each one. Those users (aside from myself) were:

ClavinCliff, dhbartlett, Dive Keep and Pitch, packerman, PeterInVA, and pulindian

Ted Roof Staff MVP: This award goes to the member of the writing staff who had the best year, and is named after the member of our staff who had an unreal turnaround from last year. There were 6 of us who participated this year, and of us, acedarney had the best year at 38-22 (63.3%). Worst from a wins-perspective were Dwalk1217 and Matt Mills, who each went 3-3, but worst from a percentage standpoint was Atlanta's original team at 29-36 (44.6%).

Dave Braine Boneheaded Administrator Award: This award goes to the writer who went under .500, even though he's the one who was setting the lines. I may be a college graduate, but that doesn't mean I'm all that smart.

Roddy Jones Perfect Game Award: This award goes to users who had perfect 6-0 weeks this year, and is named in remembrance of Roddy Jones and his 2008 performance in Athens. Recipients were Dive Keep and Pitch (Duke), pulindian (UNC), packerman (Virginia Tech).

Reggie Ball Imperfect Game Award: This award goes to the user who had an imperfect 0-6 week, and is named after a guy who won 7 games a year as a QB throwing to Calvin Johnson. Recipient is dhbartlett, who went oh-for in the Miami game.

Orwin Smith Efficiency Award: This award goes to the user who placed highly in the "total correct" category, but on the least number of total picks. (This is a totally arbitrary selection, mind you.) It is named after the guy who finished his career with averaged 1,839 rushing yards on only 198 carries (a mark of 9.29 YPC). This award goes to acedarney, who finished in 5th with 38 correct selections, but only needed 60 picks to do so. That's good for a 63.3% mark.

Regular Season MVP

As things go, this one ended up a tie. The two leaders this season, from wire-to-wire, were Dive Keep and Pitch and pulindian. They each finished with a record of 48-24 (66.67%), meaning an average of 4-2 for each game. The two tied over the first three games, but separated in the Virginia Tech game as pulindian went 5-1 to take a 3-pick lead over DKP, who went 2-4. DKP got one pick the following week against Miami, and pulindian remained the leader by 2 picks through the Virginia game. However, the tables turned and DKP was able to take a 2-pick lead of his own with a 5-1 game against Pittsburgh, versus pulindian's 1-5 mark. However, that gap was closed over the final 3 weeks, and we finished with a tie. (For the record, we're going to do one more round of Over/Unders for the Bowl Game, and I'll have a tiebreaker specifically for these two so that we have an overall champion.)

Third place and honorable mention here goes to packerman, who finished at 43-29 and only twice had a sub-.500 week.

Regular Season Standings

As I said, there's one round left to be played (and thank God, because I could really use it). However, as we enter the Bowl game, our standings are as follows:

User Correct Incorrect Total Percentage User Correct Incorrect Total Percentage
Dive Keep and Pitch 48 24 72 66.7% mrnuttle 25 17 42 59.5%
pulindian 48 24 72 66.7% The_GT_LineageX11 17 14 31 54.8%
packerman 43 29 72 59.7% MagnaCarterGT 15 9 24 62.5%
richman0610 40 26 66 60.6% jchens_GT 14 4 18 77.8%
acedarney 38 22 60 63.3% selwonk 10 2 12 83.3%
Buddy Smiggins 37 29 66 56.1% KentStarling 10 8 18 55.6%
dhbartlett 37 35 72 51.4% 4Natlchamps 9 15 24 37.5%
AugustaJacket 36 30 66 54.5% kizzak 8 4 12 66.7%
PeterInVA 36 36 72 50.0% pswole GT 8 10 18 44.4%
JacksonJacket 35 31 66 53.0% CTjacket 4 2 6 66.7%
Joey Weaver 35 37 72 48.6% Buzzgtg776g 4 8 12 33.3%
GTJonny 33 27 60 55.0% Dwalk1217 3 3 6 50.0%
jabbajacket 32 38 70 45.7% Matt Mills 3 3 6 50.0%
ClavinCliff 32 40 72 44.4% zachwreck 3 3 6 50.0%
JohnHeisman 30 30 60 50.0% GoalieLax 1 5 6 16.7%
Atlanta's original team 29 36 65 44.6% tdot6 0 1 1 0.0%

The regular season has come to a close, but stay tuned! There's one more round left, and lots left to play for...