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Georgia Tech Football Over/Under Accountability: Clemson, Alabama A&M, uga

So it's probably time to figure out who the regular season winner around here is, right?

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Over/Under 27.5 Points Allowed by Georgia Tech's Defense

Actual Number: 55 Points Allowed

It wasn't a very pretty night for Tech's defense in Clemson. They started out very strong, before crumbling shortly after the first quarter. It only figures to have been the result when playing a pass-heavy team with a depleted secondary.

Over/Under 99.5 Rushing Yards for Clemson's Offense

Actual Number: 168 Rushing Yards

The defense contained Clemson's offense fairly well -- their leading rusher was Roderick McDowell with only 60 yards -- but the offense as a unit ended up at 168 yards due to a high volume of 37 carries.

More Rushing Yards: Vad Lee or David Sims?

Actual Result: David Sims 25, Vad Lee 22

Robert Godhigh's 126 yards on 12 carries were well beyond Tech's next-leading rusher, who actually was B.J. Bostic with 30 yards on only 1 carry. Sims and Lee combined for a very forgettable game, but in any case Sims came out on top.

Over/Under 299.5 Rushing Yards for Georgia Tech's Offense

Actual Result: 248 Rushing Yards

It was just a really all-around disappointing night for Georgia Tech. A lot of the issues could be blamed on the offensive line and perimeter blocking, which were a constant struggle all night. The night was as forgettable for the team as a whole as it was for Sims and Lee.

Over/Under 2.5 Combined Turnovers

Actual Result: 4 Combined Turnovers (GT 3, Clemson 1)

Tech fumbled twice in the first half, and was only saved by an Adam Gotsis interception late in the second quarter. Things were marginally better in the second half for Tech, but tarnished by a Vad Lee interception. Again, rough night all-around.

Over/Under 10.5-Point Margin of Victory for Clemson

Actual Result: 24-Point Margin of Victory for Clemson

Yeah, it's time to move on.

Weekly Newcomers: Kent Starling

Weekly MVP: PeterInVA (5-1)

Weekly LVP: Atlanta's original team, JacksonJacket, JohnHeisman (1-5)

Weekly Entrant Success Rate: 50% (48-48)

Alabama A&M

Over/Under 1.5 RBs with 100+ rushing yards for Georgia Tech

Actual Result: 1 (David Sims, 111 yards)

David Sims bounced back nicely in this game, recording 111 yards on only 8 carries. I'd consider that impressive in the sense that he averaged nearly 14 yards per carry -- which is a lot for a guy who doesn't do a ton of "breaking away". Good stuff here.

Over/Under 75 Rushing Yards for Alabama A&M

Actual Result: 48 Rushing Yards

The Bulldogs tried to run the ball 30 times, and finished with a little better than 1.5 yards per carry. In fact, take away their negative rushers (who accumulated a combined -20 yards), and A&M got very close to the threshold here.

Over/Under 2.5 Turnovers for Georgia Tech

Actual Result: 0 Turnovers

A magnificently clean game for Georgia Tech here, even more impressive when you consider that the second half was almost entirely played by backups.

Over/Under 1.5 Offensive Drives Led by Tim Byerly

Actual Result: 5 Drives

As was mentioned previously, Byerly was given the opportunity to operate the offense for the entirety of the second half. He was none too shabby either, rushing 8 times for 52 yards and leading the offense to 14 second-half points.

Over/Under 51.5-Point Margin of Victory for Georgia Tech

Actual Result: 59-Point Margin of Victory

It took Alabama A&M nearly 55 minutes to get on the board, and the Yellow Jackets had the spread covered for the entire game following halftime. Can't say we learned much from the game, but I was really happy to see a lot of the backups and walk-ons have an opportunity to play extensively.

Weekly Newcomers: CTjacket, Buzzgtg776g

Weekly MVP: dhbartlett (5-1)

Weekly LVP: Buzzgtg776g, ClavinCliff, JacksonJacket, PeterInVA (2-4)

Weekly Shout-Out: Thanks so much to MagnaCarterLive for covering for me on this one. Good times with Senior Design left me no time to get this done, and it was by MCL's saving grace that we had picks for the week.

Weekly Entrant Success Rate: 55% (66-54)


Over/Under 11.5 Combined Penalties

Actual Number: 9 (uga 6-55, GT 3-29)

This was an interesting game in terms of this line, in that it seemed like the referees were letting them play more than I'm used to seeing. As in, it wasn't so much "no blood, no foul", as, "no trip to the ER requiring stitches, no foul". Also, to clarify, both teams were getting away with things that should have been called.

Over/Under 299.5 Yards Rushing for Georgia Tech

Actual Number: 263 Rushing Yards

Despite what these numbers would typically lead us to believe, Tech's offense was actually quite potent in this game. The difference is that Vad Lee complemented the 263 rushing yards with 232 passing yards, for a total of 495 yards of offense.

Over/Under 124.5 Yards Rushing for Todd Gurley

Actual Number: 122 Yards Rushing

Tech's defense actually was quite impressive in bottling up Gurley, especially considering that his 50 yards on 4 carries in OT meant he only went for 72 yards on 16 carries in regulation -- good for 4.5 yards per carry. Not bad for going up against a Top-5 RB nationally.

Over/Under 3.5 Combined Turnovers

Actual Number: 3 Combined Turnovers (GT 2, uga 1)

An early interception by Jemea Thomas was huge in the early Georgia Tech rally. From there, there were 2 interceptions thrown by Vad Lee -- one on the last play of the first half (harmless), and another at an extremely inopportune time in the fourth quarter following a 13-play TD drive for uga. The last turnover of the game may have been the beginning of a slow end for Georgia Tech, who only got another 6 offensive snaps in regulation.

Over/Under 57.5 Combined Points

Actual Number: 75 (uga 41, GT 34)

This one was thrown off by 3 combined TD's in overtime -- the game ending in regulation would have meant 54 points, and even adding a game-winning field goal would have meant the result was "under". But it was just that sort of afternoon.

Over/Under 3.5-Point Margin of Defeat for Georgia Tech

Actual Number: 7-Point Margin of Defeat

I've really hated reliving this game, you guys.

Weekly MVPs: acedarney, Atlanta's original team, AugustaJacket, Buddy Smiggins, pulindian (3-3) -- Yes, you read that right. .500 got MVP honors this week. It was a slaughter.

Weekly LVP: ClavinCliff (1-5)

Weekly Recap: Work-meetings_medium


Weekly Entrant Success Rate: 37.8% (34-56) -- Like I said, it was a slaughter around here...

This has been plenty extensive already, so we're going to break this into two parts. Tomorrow, you'll get an "Over/Unders Season in Review" post that details the season that was a little more. Who knows, there might even be awards! If you have suggestions for what they should be called, leave them in the comments.