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GT Position Preview- Centers

So this wraps up our position preview. Check out what the Jackets will have to offer at the center position.

Grant Halverson

So before I go ahead and break down Daniel Miller's contribution to the team, let me make a few points about our center position. The Yellow Jackets have been able to use many players at the 5 position and have not needed a legitimate center on the court at all times. For this reason, I do not expect an issue with the fact that we have no "backup" center. We did not have one last year and I never thought that it was a serious issue with our defense. Tech has struggled in the past few years rebounding the ball on both the offensive and defensive boards, however I do not credit this to the center position. Daniel Miller was able to establish himself as a blocking and rebounding threat in the ACC. Daniel is a very smart player that has been able to see a large majority of playing time at the center position over the past two seasons.

I believe that Daniel is one of the best Centers in the ACC for a few reasons. Let's break down Daniel's performance a bit more over the past few seasons.

Average Minutes Per Game- 28.5
FG %- 51.2%

(So I wanted to know what a good FG percentage was for a center. I would love to find a legitimate source.... Because wiki answers says that an "excellent percentage" for a center would be around 50%)

FT% - 72.9%

(Pretty good for a center. Actually other than Julian Royal, was the best FT percentage last season)

Rebounds/Game- 6.6

**Ranked 13th in the ACC last season.

Points/Game- 8.4
Blocks/Game- 2.1

**Tied for 1st in the ACC last season with K.J. McDaniels and Alex Lan

Offensive Rebounds/Game- 2.4

**Ranked 10th in the ACC last season

Some Advanced Statistics (Via

Blk % - 7.8

(Blocked Shots/ Opp. 2PA- Ranked 71st of all players in this category)=

FC/40- 2.2

(This is an interesting statistics that validates my reason why we really do not need another center. This means that per 40 minutes, Daniel commits 2.2 fouls. He doesn't seem to get in foul trouble often and only sees the bench to rest, not for foul trouble)

So before I go any further I want to say that there are quite a few things I would LOVE to do with the player statistics for Daniel Miller and hope to in the future. Thanks for my test on Thursday I can't really get into this too much right now. This is what these numbers mean to mean from a quick glance.

  • Daniel is a great shooter. Sure, he is a center and took only 1 three-pointer last season, but whatever. He not only is successful from the field, but can knock down free throws. This is vital for a player that is at a high opportunity to visit the charity stripe. The fact that he can knock down a free throw is a huge threat against teams. FTs win games!
  • His ability to not foul allows him to play so long. How often do you see players forced to leave the court because of foul trouble. This brings me to my next point...
  • He is such a smart shot blocker. He doesn't need to foul to block a shot. Basically, for every 13 shots that go up by the opposing team, one of them is blocked by Daniel. He also ranked in the top of the ACC for offensive rebounds, blocked shots, and rebounds/game.
I mean Daniel's numbers are so impressive. I can't get away from how dominate he is in the paint on both ends of the floor. The ability to have a player that forces teams to stay out of the lane is invaluable to any team, especially one that has such a great guard perimeter presence. I think he is only going to be better this season and make a name for himself in the ACC. If he isn't on teams radars yet, he will be soon enough.

Do you think Daniel is one of the top centers in the ACC? What do you want to see out of him this season? Is only having one center on the roster an issue that Gregory needs to fix soon? Let me know what you think about our center situation!