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GT Position Preview- Forwards

The forward position for the Jackets has potential to be the biggest contribution to the success of this team. Let's check out which players to look out for this season.

Joel Auerbach

This is probably the most realistic depth chart at this time for these positions. It has been quite a while since I have seen quality depth at these two positions. I personally think that this is where we can beat teams this season. We are very skilled at both positions and Gregory seems to be quite flexible in who he has on the court at the same time. The SFs can play soft 4s and the PFs can play soft 5s. Decisions, decisions....


1. Marcus Georges-Hunt- I think Marcus has the ability to making the biggest contribution to this team this season. He really knows his stuff. He can be a threat inside and out, with a great shot and the ability to drive to the basket. His success is imperative if the Jackets want to win games against tough ACC opponents. His summer work will be the deciding factor here because while he lead the team last year in PPG, he also had some quiet games that cost the Jackets.

2. Stacey Poole Jr.- Coming from Kentucky, I think Stacey was expecting a better season last year. He has the ability to really be a huge contributor to this team if he can clean up some of the slop when he drives to the basket. I see that issue as more of an experience and molding with the team than his actual ability. This could be his break out year.

3. Quinton Stephens- Quinton is a great shooter that can also play down low at the 4 spot. He recorded 16 rebounds against Young Harris along with 9 points. He has the ability to be a dual threat small forward. His versatility might allow him to see more time as the season goes on.

*Jason Morris is currently out with a foot injury. I think he is also a contender for serious playing time this season depending on how rehab goes. He brings leadership and experience to this position as a RS senior.


1. Robert Carter Jr- Robert is one of the most exciting players to watch play. He always wants to find a way to score, which is something that we seriously need at times. He loves to get the ball and has the ability to get to the basket. He can also shoot from the perimeter, which is something that always worries me also. Like Marcus, Robert’s success will be important for the success of this team.

2. Kammeon Holsey- Kam was the most important bench player last season. He saw starting time in the 2012 season prior to the arrival of some of our current underclass starters. Last season, he saw significant court time as Tech's quality 6th man. Kam has the ability to find his way to the rim and has also perfected his midrange shot. His free throws are something that I really like, but his moves to the basket could be better. If he can find a way to get bigger and open up to the lane when making his move the basket I can see him getting even better this season.

*Robert Sampson came from ECU this season and is redshirting. We shall see him in the mix at the PF position next season.

Do y'all think these are the two deepest positions on the team? What are your expectations for these players this season? What do these players need to do to be legitimate in the ACC this season?