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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs georgia bulldogs

This is our chance. Time to step up and take it.

Tyler Smith

This is it, Tech fans. This is the one we wait all year for, looking for revenge. This is the one where we get it.

uga is without Aaron Murray, Keith Marshall, Malcolm Mitchell, and Justin Scott-Wesley. They've got a young defense. They're ripe for the picking. It's time we went out there and showed them what we're made of. We're not little brother in this state, we're not afraid of them, and we know we can win this game. It's time to prove that.

This is your GameThread. If you'll be unable to join me for the festivities at Bobby Dodd, use this as a forum to talk about the game as it happens. My tweets are below, in case you think what I say matters.

It's time. Are you ready?

GO JACKETS!!!! BEAT georgia!!!!