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Georgia Tech Football: Over/Unders vs uga

It's a quick version this week as everyone clears out for Thanksgiving.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Ed. Note: It's been a hectic few weeks around my neck of the woods. I'll get an "Accountability" post up real soon after this game, and it'll cover Clemson, Alabama A&M, and this one! You have my word.

Over/Under 11.5 Combined Penalties

Two teams that don't like each other, and aren't necessarily the most disciplined teams (Tech ranks 55th nationally in penalties, uga 90th). This might be an easy line.

Over 11.5 Penalties

Over/Under 299.5 Yards Rushing for Georgia Tech

uga touts the #30-ranked rushing defense in the country, which is the third-best of teams we've played so far (better were Virginia Tech and...well...Syracuse). I think we end up hitting the 300-yard mark, though we may not go much past it.

Over 299.5 Yards Rushing for Georgia Tech

Over/Under 124.5 Yards Rushing for Todd Gurley

Gurley, as good as he is, has only hit 100 yards three times this season, and once since they took on South Carolina in Week 2. He went for 100 against Florida, but other than that has been limited. That said, he's also been limited, only having 20 carries twice all year. Tech's rushing defense is ranked 10th nationally. I think we bottle him up.

Under 124.5 Yards Rushing for Todd Gurley

Over/Under 3.5 Combined Turnovers

uga is starting a QB that's yet to play a snap in the first half of a game or when his team had less than a 3-touchdown lead. He's doing this for the first time since he graduated high school, and the first time since Tech won the ACC Championship. Combine that with Tech's occasional carelessness with the ball, and this also might be an easy line.

Over 3.5 Combined Turnovers

Over/Under 57.5 Combined Points

Somehow, I see this being a more low-scoring affair. uga's offense is so depleted, and Tech's offense has had such struggles, and both defenses look to be the best units involved in this game. I don't see this being a shoot-out.

Under 57.5 Combined Points

Over/Under 3.5-Point Margin of Defeat for Georgia Tech

We all know the history. We've been at games, watched games, and know how this series has gone for the last half-century. I'm about to sound really foolish. I think this is the one where Tech wins. They haven't won since I enrolled here, surely the football gods don't hate me that much. Tech's defense will get after a depleted uga offense and pressure Hutson Mason early, rattling him. Again, a low-scoring affair, but Tech wins in a close one.

Under 3.5-Point Margin of Defeat for Georgia Tech

The floor is yours, folks. Take your picks.