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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Clemson Tigers

The annual cross-division rivalry is being renewed tonight, under the bright Thursday night lights in Death Valley. Can the Jackets bring a victory home to Atlanta?

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

In their last 6 match-ups with Clemson, our Yellow Jackets are a promising 4-2. They come in riding the momentum of three straight wins, which included the attaining of Bowl Eligibility for the 16th straight year. They come in with nothing to lose and nothing to gain, which brings to mind a quote from one of the better football movies of all time...

There is no tomorrow for you... and that makes you all VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE!

-- Gene Hackman as Coach Jimmy McGinty, The Replacements (2000)

Now, there is a tomorrow for Georgia Tech's squad, but the sentiment of having nothing to lose is evident in our players' attitudes coming in. David Sims was quoted on Monday as saying that the team was relaxed, knowing that Clemson had everything to lose and the burden of pressure in this game.

This is your GameThread. Let's make this happen. I want to see our guys come out and take risks, opening themselves up to failure while making huge, gutsy plays en route to beating a top-10 team. Tonight, they play on national television for the world to see, and it's time that they find out how different we are from the team they saw play against Virginia Tech.

It's going to be a fight, Tech fans. Are you ready?