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Georgia Tech at Miami Advanced Box Score

Looking deeper into the stats of last week's game

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Each week I will be doing my best to take a deeper look into the stats of each game. You can see all of this year's advanced box scores in the "Advanced Stats and Analysis" story stream. Curios as to what some of the definitions are? Check out Football Study Hall's Advanced Stats Glossary.

Passing Downs Quarter Performance
GT UM Natl Average GT UM
Num Plays 24 15 Yards Per Play Success Rate Yards Per Play Success Rate
Success Rate 33% 40% 31% Q1 6.88 (25) 56% 17 (6) 50%
Avg Yards 5.58 12.47 5.75 Q2 3.94 (18) 44% 11.7 (13) 69%
Standard Downs Q3 1.42 (12) 8% 8.74 (19) 47%
GT UM Natl Average Q4 5.22 (27) 37% 8.73 (15) 67%
Num Plays 58 38 Down Performance
Success Rate 43% 66% 48% GT UM
Avg Yards 4.6 9.58 5.62 Yards Per Play Success Rate Yards Per Play Success Rate
Passing Plays 1st 4.37 37% 9.1 57%
GT UM Natl Average 2nd 5.85 38% 10.76 65%
Num Plays 21 23 3rd 4.44 38% 15.83 50%
Success Rate 19% 57% 41% 4th 5.00 80% - -
Avg Yards 2.81 13.78 6.43 Drive Performance (kneel down drives removed)
SD/PD Sack Rate 3.4% / 0.0% 2.6% / 0.0% 1.9% / 4.2% Num of Possesions Avg Start Spot Explosive Drive % Methodical Drive %
Running Plays GT 12 37.3 8% 25%
GT UM Natl Average UM 10 26.30 60% 10%
Num Plays 61 30 % of Possible Yards Gained GT: 52.8% UM: 71.6%
Success Rate 48% 60% 43% Georgia Tech Hidden Yards 132.4
Avg Yards 5.61 7.8 4.94 Turnovers GT: 3 UM: 4


  • Wow, Miami's Offense did whatever they wanted against us. The defense deserves a ton of credit for forcing 4 turnovers, that was the only reason this game was close. But wow, Miami's Offense did whatever they wanted. Averaging 7.8 yards per run, 13.8 yards per pass, 60% success rate on runs, 57% success rate on passes. I mean, this was an incredible performance by them and not something I was expecting. Every offensive category on this box score for Miami is mind-blowing, except the turnovers. I haven't watched the game film quite yet, but, what happened??
  • Looking at our offense I thought we were clicking with the option like we haven't all season. In the first quarter we looked great, even in the 2nd quarter we looked ok, we ran the ball well overall, and did a decent job on standard downs. However, when we had to pass the ball we shut off. 2.8 yards per passing play and a 20% success rate is not going to win any games. Too many turnovers and bad passing situations ruined our chance of winning.
  • We actually had great starting field position and did a great job of moving the ball down the field. But, we could not stop Miami. Miami had one drive that didn't end in a score or a turnover, and 60% of their drives averaged more than 10 yards per play. I mean, I've already said it too much, but their offense did whatever they wanted on Saturday.
Not much else to say here, we had a shot at winning, just could not close it out.