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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Football @ Miami Hurricanes

The time has come, football fans. Can the Yellow Jackets redeem themselves and save their season in Coral Gables?

Ethan Adler/Georgia Tech Athletics

Guys, it's been too long since we've beaten the Hurricanes. Things that have happened since are things like a bowl win, our 2009 ACC Championship (come and get me, coppers), my enrollment in school, and even a win over uga. That's right, we've beaten the other team in the state more recently than Miami -- you can fact check me on that.

I'm tired of it. I can't handle any more of these losses to them. If we're being really honest, I hate them more than anyone not named uga. It's true -- I don't mind Clemson or even Virginia Tech as much as Miami. Maybe you join me in this.

Vad Lee and his offense will be looking for redemption following last week's flop against Virginia Tech, and this defense is the best we've seen in years even though they're still improving. They're hungry for a win, and desperate to get their season back on track.

Today is the day. This is your Gamethread. Let's do this together.


Game Time: 3:30pm EST

TV Channel: ||

Radio: WYAY 106.7 FM || Sirius 93 || XM 193 || Georgia Tech Radio Network