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Mailbag Questions

It was a really long start to the week for me, so unfortunately this feature was delayed. However, ask away, and answers will be up tomorrow morning first thing!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Who knew taking 2 classes in one's graduating semester could be quite so time consuming? Yeah, me neither. Well, as it turns out, those took precedent over the last couple of days. However, this morning I realized that mistake, at which point I got my priorities back in order and logged on to FTRS immediately. And here we are.

The Virginia game was one similar to the UNC game, where we got the desired outcome, and yet created a lot more questions than we answered. (I can think of a few in particular concerning individual players and their ongoing position battles. I'll put them in if nobody brings them up.)

Oh, and by the way, our first basketball game is Friday! Hopefully you're excited to get the season started -- around these parts, we definitely are. Feel free to ask questions surrounding basketball as well, and I'll get either Chas or David to answer those for you.

Happy Tuesday!