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POSTGAME REPORT: Georgia Tech Defeats Virginia 35-25

At least, I think we won...didn't we?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Terribly amazing game today, which probably makes about as much sense to you as it does to me.

The offense had 3 100-yard rushers (Laskey, Godhigh, and Sims).

It also had 5 turnovers.

The defense allowed 25 points and about 450 yards.

It also was on the field for nearly 35 minutes and gave up 0 points on those 5 turnovers.

Just a really weird game. We're so much better than that, and yet we played terribly for a lot of the game. A win is a win, though...right?

Game MVPs here are the three aforementioned backs, plus Jemea Thomas, who played absolutely out of his mind. 15 tackles for him, and he was generally all over the place. If I had to pick one offensive MVP, it's the classic pick -- Robbie Godhigh. Not only did Godhigh go for 111 yards on 5 carries, he also had a HUGE 38-yard reception late in the fourth to give him 149 total yards and setting up a big David Sims TD run that sealed the game.

I'm really conflicted on how I feel about this game. I think we learned a LOT about the defense (some positive, some negative), and it's good to see us face adversity but still come away with the win.

Your thoughts? Happy we won? Angry with how we played? Let's talk awhile.