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HALFTIME REPORT: Georgia Tech Leads Virginia, 14-10

Georgia Tech opened up the game with a score on only 3 plays, before Virginia missed a field goal, before the Tech offense fumbled on two straight drives and went four-and-out on another. A UVA field goal preceded a huge kick return by Lynn Griffin, which led to a Zach Laskey touchdown to stretch the lead to 14-3. Virginia had a lot of offensive success on the ensuing drive though, and scored to make the game 14-10. Justin Thomas took over at QB for his second drive and had the ball moving, but Robert Godhigh made a rare mistake and fumbled -- Georgia Tech's third turnover of the half. Yeah, it's been real ugly.

The Tech defense looked great in the first half given how long they spent on the field and how little the offense was able to get in rhythm. They'll need to lock it up on passing plays in the second half, though, where Virginia has had a lot of success. Jemea Thomas in particular has been all over the place making plays, and he's having a phenomenal game. Which is good, because an unnamed defensive back has been downright awful thus far.

Offensively, it's been pretty terrible. No rhythm, 4 turnovers, Vad's been all kinds of out of sync -- and yet somehow, we have 14 points and a lead. Hopefully it gets better in the second half.