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Jeremiah Attaochu Will Stay for Senior Season

The Jackets' star pass rusher and OLB has elected to return to school for a fourth season, passing on the NFL Draft for now.

An impromptu news conference was called this afternoon as Jeremiah Attaochu had reached a conclusion on whether to enter the NFL Draft. Upon hearing this, Tech fans were not filled with too much confidence, as these "announcements" generally don't end up going our way. That wasn't the case today though, as we got our star OLB back for his senior season. Attaochu said he spoke extensively with his family and friends about it, and that everyone had their own opinion. At the end of the day though, he thought it would be best to come back to Georgia Tech for his senior year.

"I got some info back [from the NFL], but even before I got the information back, I knew it wasn't going to factor into the decision. Football's just a delicate game, and you don't know how long you'll be able to play it for. ...I saw school as a priority, as well as my teammates, the program, and finishing what I started too."

This is really good news for a Georgia Tech defense that will need to make significant improvements next year.