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Tech Recruiting - Fighting 'til the Finish (UPDATED)

Can this Tech legacy save this recruiting class?


UPDATE (2/4 12:00 PM)...

Last night/this morning at midnight began the so-called "dead period" until NSD. During this period recruits cannot meet in-person with coaches, only speak to them on the phone.

* QB Damon Mitchell still very much in play and in communication with the Tech staff. Didn't flip to Arkansas on his visit there, Rutgers still interested, and BC making a late push because of a recent de-commitment. GT has sent him a LOI.

* DL Kingsley Opara still considering Tech, although still committed to Maryland. Will likely make his decision on NSD.

* I wanted to confirm DE Carl Lawson staying committed to Auburn. In fact, he got his HS teammate RB Peyton Barber to flip from Ole Miss to Auburn. While it was highly unlikely, getting recruits of this caliber to make late considerations for GT is a great sign (thanks to CTR and CMP) for the future of recruiting on the defensive side of the ball.


UPDATE (2/4 8:00 AM)...

* RB Corn Elder stayed in Atlanta overnight after being shown lots of love at the basketball game, and watched the Superbowl with Tech coaches and players (I'm quite certain it was pointed out that former A-Back Anthony Allen was in the game, and threw the key block on Jacoby Jones' kickoff return TD).

* No updates from QB Damon Mitchell, between Tech, Arkansas, and Rutgers.

* Expect Tech to get one more DB between now and NSD, they have a few prospects comparable to Tolando Cleveland looking to commit.

* OL Michael Selby (Washington County HS, Sandersville, GA) approached about a scholarship spot but wasn't interested.

* OL George Adeosun still uncommitted, favoring Arizona State. I doubt we would be asking other lineman if Adeosun was strongly considering Tech.


UPDATE (2/3 4:00 PM)...

* WR JuMichael Ramos flips to NC State

* QB Damon Mitchell home from Arkansas, will take 24 hours to decide (this one has so much drama attached to it...player, parents, coach all seem to want something different)

* DE Carl Lawson expected to stay committed to Auburn

* DB Korrin Wiggins not likely to commit


UPDATE (2/3 9:00 AM)...

* DB Korrin Wiggins (Hillside HS, Durham, NC) is taking an OV at Tech this weekend. Although currently "committed" to UNC, he has recently also taken a visit to Clemson. Same high school as Vad Lee, this 3-star CB s a very impressive offer list.


UPDATE (2/2 7:00 PM)...

* ATH Paul Davis (Cairo HS, Cairo, GA) likely to commit tomorrow. He's a 5'10" 200 lb athlete that could potentially play in one of many spots like BB, AB, SS, or OLB. He's described as a hitter, and someone who stood out in the Jackets summer camp.

* RB Cornelius Elder is on campus for hit visit. His hosts are Vad Lee and Errin Joe...go get him guys!


UPDATE (2/2 12:00 PM)...

* QB Damon Mitchell sent LOI, all signs point to signing him


UPDATE (2/1 11:30 PM) - here are some additional rumors and information...

* RB Brendan Douglas is going to flip to UGA (holy hell I thought he was a GT guy!)

* QB Damon Mitchell unhappy at Arkansas...asking for his spot back (hey we need a DB now)

* OL George Adeosun committed to Arizona State

* DL Kingsley Opara not visiting Tech this weekend

* Several visits lined up this weekend, will pass them along as I hear


What a last few 48 hours the Tech football program has seen...

And quite frankly, IMHO it's been nothing short of disastrous. What once started with 16 solid commits in the 2013 recruiting class has disintegrated before our eyes...with one de-commitment (and "whine" session by his HS coach), two planned last-minute weekend OVs to other schools (they're good as gone), and an unexpected flip that occurred today. OL Jeremi Hall, QB Damon Mitchell, WR JuMichael Ramos, and now DB Tolando Cleveland...all gone within weeks of NSD. The backup plans show promise, but are dicey at best.

I won't sit here are talk about specific recruiting policies, because I know that will come out in the comments. The way I see it, committed recruits leave programs all the time...including ours. What concerns me is the current lack (at least on the surface to the average Tech fan) of contingency planning when it does happen to us. QB was an area of need, and it was addressed shortly after Damon Mitchell's decision to not honor his commitment. But where's the calvary of alternate prospects ready to take the other spots? I'll discuss each possible player in this final-week recruiting drama.

It's not all bad though. A QB prospect from Cobb County football power McEachern HS named Ty Griffin committed to Georgia Tech yesterday. I'll discuss his recruitment below. As we discussed, 4-star RB Corn Elder is in town this weekend for his OV. But what floored the recruiting community in the Southeast (other than Tennessee trying to flip every prospect in sight), was the knowledge that 5-star DE Carl Lawson now has Georgia Tech on his short list of favorite schools before NSD on Wednesday. On Wednesday he and his father, former Georgia Tech FB Carl Lawson Sr., made an unofficial visit to Tech to meet with CPJ, as well as his former Auburn coaches CTR and CMP. Here's how each recruit currently stands...

OL Jeremi Hall - Committed to USF. His de-commitment was considered inevitable though.

QB Damon Mitchell - Taking OV to Arkansas this weekend, although still technically a Tech commit. GT has already signed a QB, so most likely he ends up at Arkansas or Rutgers.

WR JuMichael Ramos - Taking OV to NC State this weekend, although still technically a Tech commit. We know how these things more than likely he ends up at NC State.

DB Tolando Cleveland - Committed to Mississippi State today, after being committed to Tech since July. Former Tech assistant coach, and current MSU DC, Geoff Collins was considered instrumental in the flip. Tolando, according to reports, was losing interest in the program after the firing of CAG and the departure of CCK.

RB Cornelius Elder - Making OV this weekend, which includes Tech's BB home game against UVA on Sunday. Tech is battling Auburn for this 4-star RB/3-star PG, and still has a good chance.

DE Carl Lawson - Committed to Auburn, but has effectively opened his recruitment up since Gene Chizik's firing. His final 4 schools are Auburn, Tennessee, Clemson, and Georgia Tech. The fact that this 5-star prospect has elevated us to his short list is a great start for CTR and CMP. He will do the hat-show thing on NSD...we know Tech's record in those things.

OL George Adeosun - Uncommitted, though has received late offers from Arizona State, Oklahoma, Purdue, and Georgia Tech. Received a visit from CPJ yesterday at Alpharetta HS, but he has decided to take his originally planned OV to Arizona State (with HS teammate QB Joshua Dobbs, who's committed at ASU). There are some rumors that Tennessee is trying to take him in a package deal with his teammate Dobbs. This is starting to look very unlikely for Tech.

DL Kingsley Opara - Committed to Maryland, though his recruitment has been open for several weeks. Tech has been looking at the 3-star combo (OL/DL) lineman for awhile. Could very possibly land at Tech.

QB Ty Griffin - Committed to Georgia Tech. Although only a 2-star QB prospect with offers from Army and Navy, rumor was that Tech secured his commitment just before he was about to take trips to UNC and Wake Forest...and both were prepared to offer him a scholarship. Good athleticism, and a high-character type kid, and could possibly land eventually at A-Back.

As it currently stands, Tech can only count on the firm commitment (we hope) of 13 players...which now leave us at 80 scholarship football players (assuming the 13 sign). Needless to say, CPJ and staff are in 2-minute offense mode trying to line up visits and gauge interest from other recruits. Things are not looking good, as we are currently left with only 4 defensive commits (and now 1 DB). There's a lot of ground to make up...and not a helluva lot of time to do it. Signing Carl Lawson and Corn Elder would help resurrect the recruiting class, for sure. But if this class ends 3-5 commits short of the available 18 there's a good chance of holes in the roster that will hurt us with depth 2-3 years down the road. However, if history has taught us anything, it's that recruiting momentum can turn on the flip of a dime. We'll see.

I'll keep everyone updated on any news or rumors heading into the last weekend before NSD. Might be a good time to queue up the Woodford Reserve.

I'm trying to stay positive...but this is getting tough to do. Do you think CPJ and company pull off a miraculous recruiting weekend?