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Technical Tidbits 01/31/2013: In Which We Choose Our Own Illini-venture

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Today's tidbits cover trolling, TAH-NOO-TAH, and stupid names.

"Hey, ref, I'm totally PWNING Nick Saban right now!"
"Hey, ref, I'm totally PWNING Nick Saban right now!"
Stacy Revere

Did you know John Tenuta is at UVA now? I sure didn't. TAH-NOO-TA BLITZ.

Finally someone says it. Leave it to James Franklin to call out Nick Saban, of course only to apologize a bit later. <- I AM surprised Franklin didn't spontaneously combust right after he said it though...

Its about time you guys got some LEADERship on this LEGEND. The B1G is graciously going to get rid of those ridiculous ass division names.

You, too can troll the entire state of Illinois and help make the new UI logo "angry orange chef guy." Vote now!