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Technical Tidbits 01/29/2013: In Which Nate Gets Old

Today's tidbits cover smart football players, salsa dancing, and "damn boys up in da booty club," as one older black gentleman once put it to me.

"Vivo por bailar!" - J. Attaochu
"Vivo por bailar!" - J. Attaochu

Joey's mancrush Charles Perkins and Jeremiah Attaochu are apparently salsa dancers now. I don't blame them.

Penn St. OL John Urschel is the next Sean Bedford, except in applied math. The NCAA's wet dream, in other words.

When recruits try to go on secret visits things don't often work out well what with the tweepers and facebox anymore. Those damn kids and their social media! - this link description guest written by Atlanta's Original Team.

Saturday Down South, a blog I normally stay away from due to its "southeastern" nature, has put together an insightful bit on which five-star QBs have panned out in the last 10 years. The results may surprise you.

Roger Goodell did an "ask me anything" post on Reddit yesterday. Its exactly what it sounds like. ctrl+F "NFL_Commish" once you get to the page to see all his answers.

The NCBWA (college baseball writers of 'Murica) came out with its preseason poll today. They put us at 21, and Arkansas at the top. We'll show them!

FIU player tweets about taking recruit to strip club - Yes, that's an NCAA violation.

Yup, this makes all kinds of sense: Georgia leads for Davin Bellamy, but recruit remains committed to Florida State, per report.

Also, its my 24th birthday today, and facebook knows: