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Wake Gamethread: Tech looking for first ACC win

Here we go!! The Jackets are back at home and hoping to leave McCamish Pavilion with their first ACC win. After arguably the roughest five game stretch in the nation, Tech is hoping to show off what they have learned against tougher opponents in today's match up against Wake Forest.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tech will tie its 2012 season win total with a win today against Wake. There are a few things that the Jackets need to do in order to win today. First, they need to control the ball and play their game. They cannot allow Wake to decide the tempo. This was evident in the UNC game, where the Tar Heels have been victorious against teams when they can push the ball and keep the momentum up. Second, they need to make sure that they continue to progress on the FT line. Lastly, they need to find good shots. Key word there is FIND. Unfortunately, no one has developed into a "go-to" shooter that can create shots off the dribble consistently. They have to pass the ball and find the open man- no forcing shots. We have been tough on the glass on offense and defense- we have to continue to do this.

We have to improve off of the UNC game. Turnovers cannot occur as frequently as they have these past few games.We have to shoot better. We have the quality to do this, we just have to take good shots. Lastly, we have to be stronger when taking the ball to the rim down low. We can't get vertical and not be prepared to be challenged. This happened too many times against UNC, resulting in a block or a bad shot.

The game is set to tip off at 3pm at McCamish Pavilion. The game is televised locally on the ACC network, and on ESPN3. You can listen to the game on 790AM or 106.7 FM.

Follow the game here as well as on twitter @FTRSChas.