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Some Quick Housekeeping

I'm looking to make your FTRS experience as awesome as possible, and want you to know a couple of things you may not have been aware of.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

TL;DR: Communicate anything with the staff by emailing us (fromtherumbleseat [at] gmail [dot] com) or tweeting us (@FTRSLilBroey and @FTRSNate).

1) On FanPosts & FanShots

Full disclosure: If you have written a FanPost in the months since we transitioned to this shiny, new platform, I had no idea. Truthfully, before a somewhat subtle update around New Year's, FanPosts were listed much, much farther down the page than I tend to scroll (I keep up with things pretty well around here on a day-to-day basis). But at the same time, I love it when you guys write FanPosts and contribute, and the beautiful part of this being a blog is that it's meant to be an open forum where we can discuss anything related to GT Sports in any way. So, new policy: If you write a FanPost and want to see it bumped into a more visible area, or even posted as a full-on article (with all credit given to you, of course), send me a quick email at fromtherumbleseat [at] gmail [dot] com that lets me know that you've posted it, and I'll make sure you get the proper attention.

2) On Sections

One of the neat things about SBN's new platform is you have the ability to customize what you want to see. Maybe you want to see it all....great! Just keep doing things how you always have. However, I'm sure some of you get sick of my football coverage, or could care less about what the basketball team is doing, or just want to look at recruiting news. Well, now's your chance. As you'll see below, a lot of these stories are attached to different sections and groupings.

With our new platform, clicking on that red link will show you something exactly like what you see on the home page, except only with articles and news pertaining to that section. So again, general Georgia Tech sports fans, keep doing what you're doing. Specific sport fans, check out our sections. If you have questions, let us know in the comments.

3) On Creativity

It's pretty standard that in life, the more people that are involved, the more creativity is generally present than if certain individuals were removed from that group. That said, our writing staff is significantly smaller than the general community. Most of you like coming here because we come up with and produce all the content for your leisure -- and we love doing that for you. However, maybe some of you have ideas for things we could talk about or suggestions for types of articles you'd like to see (repetitive/series-type articles count too). Let us know that, by email or Twitter. Even better, maybe you want to write for the staff. Again, let us know (maybe just by email this time) -- we're always interested in more talent on the staff.

Anyways, that's it for now. Let me know if you have questions about the above stuff. How you doing on this Friday morning? Big plans for the weekend?