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Technical Tidbits 01/24/13: In Which The NCAA Kills Itself

Today's tidbits traverse technicalities, Tri-Cities, and Transfers.

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I told you not to go poking around.  Now I'm just mad.
I told you not to go poking around. Now I'm just mad.

First of all, Miami beat Dook 63-90 last night. Holy Shit!

Tri-Cities Coach is a Jackass: Jeremi Hall's coach wasn't happy about him getting punished for breaking a rule that Paul Johnson has said he makes every recruit very aware of. Thanks to commenter Atllove for the tip.

Blatant Incompetence is Fun! The NCAA hilariously can't keep its own house in order, employing Nevin Shapiro's lawyer to obtain documents it wasn't legally allowed to have in the Miami investigation. The details are even funnier, so check it out.

Ken Sugiura came out with this piece detailing Coach Cremin's appointment to the NCAA committee on infractions minutes after yesterday's tidbits came out. It also has a funny anecdote about NCAA rules and how stupid they are /insert2009ranthere.

Nebraska state trooper convinces transfer to join the Cornhuskers - A conversation with a Nebraska state trooper convinced a kicker to join the Cornhuskers. There's no shame in the world anymore.

I was on the radio last night, as I am every Wednesday at 6. Listen to the recap here!

Alumni Pride! Chris Bosh looks less like a raptor and more like...well, I'll let you decide that for yourself in this gif.