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Orwin Smith in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

We begin our review of how our guys did in their respective scouting games with Orwin Smith's performance in the NFLPA Collegiate bowl. We'll cover T.J. Barnes and Rod Sweeting's performance in the E-W Shrine game later this week.

We saw some of this last Saturday.
We saw some of this last Saturday.

A minor offshoot before we begin: when Orwin first came in, the announcers were talking about the TO and spoke about it like they - gasp - respected it as a legitimate offensive scheme! Could PJ be changing minds in the media? We shall see.

This is the first in a three part series in which we will review the performance of GT players in their respective "scoutning bowls," and today we cover Orwin Smith. He got kinda got screwed with his pants on with his selection to the American team of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl because that happened to be the team that lost the "game" 34-0. This is due in large part to the 5 turnovers committed by his side. In the midst of all that nonsense, Orwin did some good things. He ran for 40 yards on 8 carries, which puts him far below his season YPC of 8.6. This is in part due to him not being in the whole game (by the nature of these things, of course), and in part due to an offensive line that worked together for all of a week before they had to play a game. From what I could tell though, he showed the scouts the physicality and burst that he's capable of with his two big plays on the day. These highlights are more impressive considering he only got the ball eight times from scrimmage. His first and longest rush was one of those where he hits the corner and turns on the afterburners we're all so used to, showing off his speed. The second big play came when he scooted through the B gap and took off for a 17 yd run.

Smith didn't just show off his quickness, he displayed some toughness running inside and fighting for yards. Only 5 yards were gained on plays where Smith hit the pile, but much of the fault again can be put on the weak offensive line. Most of these plays he encountered defenders who got off their blocks too easily or guys that were unblocked. These potential losses got turned into no gains or small ones, so we'll call that a win.

Smith also worked the kickoff return duties. He had two returns for 48 yards, nothing too numerically impressive. He did impress by showing his "want-to" on those kickoffs, going a long way west to east for some extra yards. That kind of display is what's important in these kind of events, next to physical prowess of course. I think Orwin did both today and probably increased what little draft stock he had. Everything I could find (for free) didn't really have him getting drafted, besides this one random dude on a wordpress blog. If anyone has any expert insight, aka pays for ESPN insider, please let us know what they thought in the comments below.

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