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Midweek Football Recruiting Update - It's Getting Interesting Y'all

Could this guy help land a Football recruit?


That's right folks, TBuzz didn't go crazy...that is indeed CBG on the cover of a football recruiting article. Why, you ask? It's quite possible that he could have a hand in the 2013 football recruiting class (we'll get into that in a minute), and I've worked in some basketball themes (see how many you can guess?) into this piece. This time of year, coaches are ridiculously busy. They hit the road to make sure their commits stay committed, visit uncommitted prospects they have offered, and also keep in contact with prospects committed elsewhere. January OVs from uncommitted players are always a good sign, and we'll discuss those.

First, let's get the unfortunate news out of the way about former commit OL Jeremi Hall. As Nate discussed yesterday, he has parted ways with the Georgia Tech program after taking a visit to USF, but it was a very complicated situation. Best of luck to him, but it opens up another scholarship. This could go to another prospect in the 2013 class, or could eventually be given to recent transfer and walk-on OL Nick Brigham (formerly of Maryland and Marist HS).

I'll give you the latest word on a few of the uncommitted (meaning...not committed to Tech) players on Tech's radar and what their likelihood of signing with Tech on NSD. As it currently stands, GT could have 2-3 spots remaining for the 2013 class. Current needs remain DL (especially DT), Secondary, and A-Backs. I then discuss the 15 current commits and their status, and feel free to check the link on each of them. As always, there's usually a last-minute signing we never see coming (LB Anthony Harrell 2011, LB Beau Hankins 2012).

Uncommitted Prospects

DE Jaylen Miller (4-star ESPN) - Uncommitted. Visited Tech on January 11, where he enjoyed his visit. Was intent on taking more visits, and after visiting Rocky Top this past weekend looks like a strong bet to commit to Tennessee. UT hasn't offered though...which usually means they still have designs on flipping higher rated players. CPJ is likely to put the full-court press on Miller, though, and put an expiration date on the GT offer he now holds.

RB Cornelius Elder (4-star unanimous) - Uncommitted. "Corn" Elder has scheduled an OV at Tech for January 27, 2 weeks after visiting his leader, Ohio State, and not committing. Remember me mentioning CBG? Elder is also ranked by Rivals as the 35th best PG in the nation, and the opportunity to add PG depth for 2013 is also a priority for the Tech basketball team following Corey Heyward's recent knee injury. CPJ allows football players to play other sports, as long as it doesn't interfere with football season. Some recent examples are Roddy Jones (baseball) and Broderick Snoddy (track). He has game-breaking speed on the football field as either an A-Back or a DB...and possibly special teams. Besides, the last time we had a kid named Elder playing basketball...we made a Final 4.

DL Kingsley Opara (3-star unanimous) - Committed to Maryland (soft). Might be the favorite to get the scholarship vacated by Jeremi Hall, and could be the man in the middle as an OL or DL depending on team needs.

DL Jay Ellison (3-star unanimous) - Uncommitted. Not looking as strong as before, has faded down the stretch for various reasons.

LB Trey Johnson (4-star unanimous) - Committed to Ohio State. Despite Roof's strong connection to him (Central Gwinnett HS)...Tech's decent depth at LB and his likely early playing time in Columbus point to things staying as they are.

Committed Prospects

OL Shamire Devine (4-star Scout) - Solid. The recent events to his Tri-Cities HS teammate Jeremi Hall have not been a factor. Should absolutely be rated higher than he is.

RB Travis Custis (4-star Scout) - Solid. Tech's first commit in the 2013 class (back in April). Despite a myriad of suitors, Custis isn't talking to any of them.

QB Damon Mitchell (4-star 24/7) - Solid (previously soft). Recently had been wavering, and scheduled OVs to Rutgers, Boston College, and considered Arkansas. CPJ, to his credit, paid him a visit in NJ (...not in the Sopranos sense...) and reiterated his value to Tech and sold him on the offense opening up in the future. The other OVs have since been cancelled. This might be the best overall athlete in the class.

RB Donovan Wilson (3-star Rivals) - Enrolled. Will play spring ball and work at A-Back.

RB Brendan Douglas (3-star Rivals) - Solid. Ridiculous measurables and a coach's son. I expect him to be a favorite of Tech fans with his strength, blocking, and speed for a long time.

OL Chris Griffin (3-star unanimous) - Solid. Considered one of the sleepers of this class because of his feet, and is a very good wrestler. Continually pressured by James Franklin and Vandy to flip. Nice try guys...

WR Ricky Jeune (3-star ESPN) - Solid. Most recent commit. Big ups, high-jumper for his HS track team.

WR JuMichael Ramos (3-star Scout) - Solid. Took his OV to Tech this past weekend and firmed up his commitment. Another late bloomer and former basketball player. Mad hops...plays hoops and is a high-jumper in HS.

WR Antonio Messick (3-star ESPN) - Solid. Very unheralded player with athletic measurables.

DL Darius Commissiong (3-star unanimous) - Solid. Took OV in December with HS teammate Kevin Robbins.

DE Justin Akins (3-star unanimous) - Solid. (Not related to Tony Akins)

DE Kevin Robbins (3-star unanimous) - Solid. Took OV in December with HS teammate Darius Commissiong. Father played at Michigan State...where CBG once coached.

DB Tolando Cleveland (3-star ESPN) - Solid. Same HS as Synjyn Days and Jabari Hunt-Days.

DB John Marvin (3-star ESPN) - Solid.

K Harrison Butker (3-star unanimous) - Solid. We REALLY need this guy, he has tons of range.

I'll get into other exciting news in future installments, including an elite Junior Day that saw a lot of "stars" on Tech's campus this past weekend. If most of them signed, it would have some Tech fans reminiscing about the 2007 recruiting class...but that's a year away.

What is your take on the current recruiting situation at Tech for the 2013 class?