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Technical Tidbits 01/21/13: In Which The Revolution Was Not Televised

Today's tidbits cover NCAA libertarianism, inept attorneys general, and a serious misnomer.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Maryland Attorney General Isn't Very Good at The Law: The state of Maryland has filed in the Prince George's County Circuit Court for dismissal of a suit in North Carolina. Not that I know anything about the law, but I'm pretty sure you can't do that.

Roll Falcons Tahde! A Tennessee newspaper confuses Alabama with Atlanta. I'm not such a big fan of this arragement.

Broderik Snoddy moves pretty quickly, and we should be thankful for that. Here's hoping we see some Dwyer like action out of the kid next season.

There's a lot of random bloggers out there claiming that once again, the B1G and BXII are speeding toward the ACC in their longships with only the thought of pillage on their minds. This story is getting old and contrite, and I am 99% sure it is just some wackos trying to draw pageviews. You can book this: I will never, ever write about this crap unless Bud Peterson, Mike Bobinski, the president of the athletic board, or the GT SID tells me explicitly that something is happening.

Mark Emmert must be a college freshman who just got done reading The Fountainhead, because the NCAA has had a libertarian revolution and deregulated the crap out of recruiting. I can only see this ending with Alabama being not punished for giving some recruit a helicopter and calling it "a transportation stipend."