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Technical Tidbits 01/17/13: In Which we Visit the Showdown at the UTEP Corral

Today's tidbits cover outrageous spending, flightless coaches going to high-flying teams, and football fights.

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Lane tried to seduce his players out of fighting, but it didn't work.
Lane tried to seduce his players out of fighting, but it didn't work.
Stephen Dunn

The Many Ways The NCAA Is A Bonfire For Your Money - S-E-C! S-E-C! A great article by Deadspin regarding the massive bonfire in which FBS programs are throwing their money. Spending on students vs spending on "student"-athletes is compared, and we learn just how beautifully ineffcient the system really is.

From one set of birds to the other. This is truly a surprise indeed. They must have offered him literally a dump truck full of hundred dollar bills, that is literally the only way I can see this happening.

Also in case you live under a rock. Longtime Xavier athletics director Mike Bobinski is headed to Georgia Tech, a person briefed on the decision told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. You can find my article on it from yesterday here.

Internal affairs. The athletic department has suspended 3 baskeball assistant coaches for one game each for violations of internal policy. Must've been a pretty wild party.

Peace out, Big East. It was fun, but we're going to take your money and our basketball dominance back.

We really took it to 'em. Moments after USC lost to Georgia Tech 21-7 in the Sun Bowl, about 10 to 15 Trojans players were involved in a locker room altercation, according to sources.

Far too early ACC predictions are up. God save us all from the wrath of the Boyd, according to these folks.