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Technical Tidbits 01/15: In Which Duke is Going Down

The tidbits today cover how to beat duke, fancy new buildings on campus, shriners, and more.

Chas said that he needs to relax, play around of golf.  This photo makes me inclined to agree.
Chas said that he needs to relax, play around of golf. This photo makes me inclined to agree.
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Izaan Cross and Rod Sweeting have been selected to play in the East-West Shrine Game on January 19th. That makes four total Tech players selected to play in post season all-star games; T.J. Barnes was selected to play in the Raycom All-Star Football Classic and Orwin Smith was selected to play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

In facilities news, GT will be opening the shiny new Ken Byers Tennis Complex this Thursday from 2-4. I'll be there with camera in hand so y'all can see where all my damn tuition money went.

Here's the Visual ACC football schedule for 2013, in case you missed it over the weekend.

The ACC is considering starting its own network, and the good people of twitter have some programming suggestions. Some might say: "but the ACC already has its own network!" No, what the ACC has right now is an agreement with Raycom that allows Raycom to carry all ACC regional broadcasts. These broadcasts are branded as games on the "ACC Network." What's under discussion here is something like the Big Ten Network, a standalone channel dedicated to all things ACC 24/7.

This is a little old, but here's a nifty article that gives 10 observations about our basketball team from an outside perspective.

We need to appoint three students to do this before every game.

Nick Saban said "dogg," and that is the only thing that matters about this article.

This piece from exposes Duke's weakness' and may give us some insight on how to take them down. In particular, the Blue Devils are 140th in the nation in rebounds. I spoke with CBG at his media availability today and he said that he's focusing on his team's rebounding first. He specifically mentioned how terrible our offensive rebounding was (one o-rebound in the first half vs. VT) and that he wanted to focus on that. You can find the rest of the audio from this media session below.