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Technical Tidbits 01/10/13: In Which Nate is Back

Today, the tidbits cover Roofs over troubled waters, Tahgers, and more.


In case you live under a rock. Ted Roof is coming back to Georgia Tech as defensive coordinator, and I actually think its a good move. We'll get into the why of that when a story is written later today.

Tahgers. Taj Boyd is returning to Climpson for his senior season, and this could be a good thing, and bad thing, or both.

We've got some new friends. Donovan Wilson, an RB recruit from this class, has enrolled early and will participate in spring practice. Also, a Mr. Nicholas Brigham has transfered from Maryland and will play as a walk on OL. Good luck to them both.

Orwin Smith will play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, an event not much unlike the senior bowl, except newer, and in L.A. instead of Mobile. The location alone makes it vastly superior in every way.

In case you didn't see my fanshot, the National Alliance of College Summer Baseball has selected GT to be its most valuable program for the 2012 summer season. Basically, our guys were the best in all of summer baseball! We had 19 players participate this year, including 6 in the prestigious Cape Cod League. Beesball: only 37 days away!