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Weekend Wrapup Headlines

It was a rough Monday evening in Blacksburg for us, but I wanted to make sure that everyone else was caught up on this weekend's biggest stories in college football.

  1. Syracuse Pulls Total Big East Move, Snatches Defeat from Jaws of Victory
  2. Georgia Tech Shows Syracuse How It's Really Done
  3. Maryland Scores 7 Goals in Offensive Explosion, William & Mary Hits Two 3-Pointers, Nobody Has Any Idea What Just Happened
  4. Youngstown State with Impressive 2 TD Victory Over Pittsburgh, ACC Offers Missouri Valley Conference a Trade
  5. Isaiah Crowell Still Unimpressive, Even in SWAC
  6. Notre Dame Feels Cool After Scoring 50 Against Navy, Rest Of Country Embarrassed For Them That 50 Is The Best They Could Do
  7. Houston OC Deported After Loss To Texas State
  8. Kentucky Fans Confused By Calipari's Sideline Absence, Blame Loss to Louisville On Missing Coach
  9. Frank Beamer Escapes Retirement Home, Has Heart Attack Over VT Abominable Special Teams
  10. West Virginia Finally Stops Scoring On Clemson
  11. Fans Want to be "Gurley Men", DEA States "War On Drugs Was A Failure"
  12. This Happened
  13. Tyrann Mathieu Enrolls in Classes at LSU, "LSU" Obviously Code-Word For "UNC" Because Classes Started Two Weeks Ago
  14. Alabama Beats Michigan By 27, Nick Saban Unhappy At Margin Only Having 2 Digits