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HALFTIME REPORT: More of the Same from the Georgia Tech Defense

It's halftime at Bobby Dodd Stadium, and Georgia Tech has some adjustments that need to be made.

Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

You know, as much as we talked about not taking this game for granted, in the back of our minds we all kinda knew that we could. "Sure, OK, we might lose to MTSU, but come on, no way we lose to Middle Tennessee State. It's gonna be a blowout."

Well, it's halftime, and Georgia Tech just scored to pull even with that team. When does the blowout start?

A few thoughts from the first half:

Our defense seemed to have a rough time at the end of last week's game, to say the least. That rough time isn't over. Tackling has been very poor. MTSU is 6/8 on third downs, and at least half of those were probably 7-8 yards or more.

Al Groh is in the box for this game, which I presume is him trying to get a better idea of how to combat what the Blue Raiders are doing offensively. He may need to sneak out the back door at halftime if he doesn't want to be eaten alive by Tech fans.

Speaking of defensive schemes, what's up with 4 linebackers to counter 4 receivers? Are we just anticipating the run, regardless of personnel?

Tyler Marcordes started for an injured Jeremiah Attaochu and is really having a tough time making a tackle. MTSU seems to have noticed.

For those of you saying Vad Lee should be starting over Tevin, he shouldn't. If you need evidence, look at the drive he played on and compare to Tevin's work thus far. When Coach Johnson talks about Vad still trying to figure out the reads, he isn't kidding.

Tony Zenon is the next superstar of the Georgia Tech offense. Very, VERY quick, a good blocker, and some potential to be a scatback in the NFL as I see it.

Something tells me the Georgia Tech locker room won't be a fun place for the next 20 minutes. Some serious adjustments are needed in the second half. You worried yet, Tech fans?