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Technical Tidbits: 9/25/2012

In which we take on Bark Madley, The NFLoLoLoL, and Spencer Hall's lack of love for his alma mater minor.

Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

First things first, thanks to @MagnaCarterLive for the new name. Thus the tidbits they shall ever remain. Now, lets get into it:

I want to adress this abomination by Bark Madley. It suggets, in not so many words, that Tech football exists to prop up Paul Johnson's offense. That is, the football program is a front for PJ to showcase how big his nutsack is. If a coach doesn't have guts, I don't want him to be my coach, period. PJ has confidence in his (offensive) players and his calls reflect that. Whatever, I could go on. I actually had a whole rant planned out (which is why this is up late) but then I figured that you came here to get news and not me ranting. Just be forewarned before you click that this is basically a standard Madley piece.

Now, if you didn't watch Monday night football last night, you're in for a treat. This, followed by this, and propped up by this gives you an excellent reason to laugh and laugh and laugh at all your friends in the north who don't watch college football because Gronk is so much cooler, bro.

RamblinWreckTube posted PJs weekly press conference all of 5 minutes ago, and he had some things to say:

  • When asked about his level of perceived administrative support, he started laughing(!) and said "I'm not even gonna answer that."
  • Jamal Golden has been doing well and is "helping guys get lined up" better. I noticed the large amount of chatter going on in the backfield backfield during the Virginia game and knew that improved communication skills were a hallmark of the offseason work, so I figured that had improved until 9/22. Then again, about the only thing I remember from the Miami game is the pretty girl a few rows down who was shouting with as much vigor and frequency as I was, so the communication may not have been the problem for all I know last Saturday.

Shutdown Fullback gives us the time of day, which is about the only positive you might be able to take away from that video presentation.

We're actually not getting paid to promote this, but these free Braves hats look neat enough for me to give the deal a mention.

MS Shamepaint is up, and it is more NSFW than you know what to do with.

Lastly, I'm from FL, and I know a nice pair of jorts when I see one. But Will Muschamp has got me beat. Also, Landry Jones has something in common with our receivers in that he does not want the ball.