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Technical Tidings, September 18

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Good mid-morning to you, FTRSer's! Here's the latest and greatest happening around the GT world today:

CPJ's Postgame Press Conference: Coach speaks about Vad Lee, helmets, and more. Fast forward to 3:58 to hear yours truly ask his question! Some of you may be wondering what it was like to speak with/at Paul Johnson and it is as full of confusion, anticipation, and fear of being called a dumbass as you would think it might be.

We're in the Running With Auburn for One of Georgia's Top DT's. We're really stepping up into the big-boy recruiting world now, as this kind of one-on-one contest with SEC schools has become semi-normal. Next thing you know, we'll be competing for talent with Louisiana-Munroe!

More and funner times after the jump.

If you're not watching the Shutdown Fullback CFB re-caps and previews (come out every Monday and Thursday, respectively), you really should be.

Also, if you're not reading Prevail and Ride's MS Shamepaint every Monday, you should likewise be ashamed of yourself. (NSFW)

Spinich declares us Coastal Division champions....oh dear.

Finally, the ever-omniscient "sources" declare that the ACC has struck a deal with the Orange bowl to play either ND, the B1G, or the SEC in that game. This would round out a huge week for Swoff that included persuading Notre Dame to "join" the conference and being caught on camera smiling.