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Initial Impressions Following Georgia Tech's Payback

<em>It was an exciting day on the Flats. (Credit: Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE)</em>
It was an exciting day on the Flats. (Credit: Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE)

Hey, Mike London. There, there. It's OK. If you need a minute to collect yourself, take it. You should at least be afforded that much, after the ABSOLUTE REAMING YOUR TEAM JUST TOOK.

For the second year in a row, Paul Johnson has failed to forget a loss that his team should not have taken the year before, and straight up taken that team to the woodshed. Last year, this happened. This year, a similar deal happened. We were dominated on the ground by Virginia last year. This year, they failed to gain 100 yards. We were a 10-point favorite, and had the spread covered for the entirety of the game after the first quarter. This one was never close. From the first snap, when Georgia Tech threw a pass to Zach Laskey who had his man beaten on a wheel route, you just knew that Georgia Tech would take no prisoners. After 3 offensive plays, Georgia Tech had a 14-point lead, including that 70-yard touchdown pass to Laskey, followed by a 77-yard run by Orwin Smith.

It mushroomed from there.

Virginia was never in this game, and it took a time out within the final 10 seconds for them to score a third touchdown.

The defense was phenomenal. The front 7 being a lot better than last year is the reason that the Virginia rushing attack was stopped. Strong Safety Fred Holton was injured -- his replacement was Jamal Golden, who had a fantastic game. For a true sophomore, Golden did a great job patrolling the back of the secondary, and had an incredibly athletic, impressive pass break-up mid-way through the second half.

More notes to come. What are your initial impressions of Georgia Tech's performance today?