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Take Your Pick: The ACC, Week 3

<em>"Playtime's over, son." (Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire)</em>
"Playtime's over, son." (Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire)

There are some interesting games being played by ACC teams this weekend, both in and out of conference. I want to run you through my picks, offer a rebuttal from our own Atlanta's original team, and then see what you guys think.

Georgia Tech (-10) vs Virginia

LB: I think that a lot of last year's game had to do with emotion. This was Virginia's homecoming game, and the stadium was pumped as far as afternoon games go. They hung around the entire game, and were running the ball down our throats. On the other hand, Tech entered coming off of a couple of poor performances (even though they were wins), and we all just knew that the winning that way wasn't going to last. This year, I think we're a better team, especially up front on defense, and coming into a home game with a chip on our shoulder over the loss last year will put us in position to win and cover the spread.

AOT: I see Tech winning impressively over Virginia. I see this game a little bit like the Kansas game last year when we were trying to avenge a previous season loss to a team we should not have lost to. I have already said it will be something like 31-10 Tech. Now, between you and me, this may be wishful thinking. I fully admit that I do not want to see a season in which we win a lot of close games, both because my heart can't stand it but, more importantly, because we have a timid, tepid, and tenuous fan base who get antsy when we don't blow people away. Therefore, I want to see Tech only winning close games to teams like Clemson or Georgia at this point. Otherwise I want to see games won by at least 15 points or more.

Virginia Tech (-10) at Pittsburgh

LB: Pittsburgh has looked pretty god-awful in their first two games, both losses by at least two touchdowns to Youngstown St (FCS) and Cincinnati. This is an easy one for me, Virginia Tech covers.

AOT: Virginia Tech comes within an eyelash of getting the shut out against Pittsburgh.

More picks after the jump!

Maryland (+3) vs. Connecticut

LB: Maryland's been pulling out weird wins so far, first by one point against Wiliam & Mary, and then by 9 against Temple. Meanwhile, Connecticut only got 7 points on the board last week in their loss to NC State. I don't really know what to think...and when in doubt, always take the ACC team (which, by the way, is the worst strategy ever most of the time). Maryland covers and wins.

AOT: Connecticut covers, and Maryland loses in the revenge bowl.

Boston College (+3.5) at Northwestern

LB: This game might be a better one than I'm expecting. Initially, I want to say that Northwestern runs away with it, but I can't help but feel like I'm underestimating Boston College. Then again, they lost by 9 to a Miami team that was then destroyed by Kansas State...all while Northwestern was on a roll....I'll take Northwestern to cover. This one should be a double-digit loss for BC.

AOT: Boston College, in my opinion, continues to play at or above their ability, proving that anyone who goes to sleep against them could get upset. Therefore, I make my totally bold, totally outrageous predictions as follows: Boston College has a huge upset against Northwestern.

North Carolina (+3) at Louisville

LB: After a loss at Wake Forest, I'm sticking with my theory that people are overestimating UNC this year, as well as my theory that Louisville will be better than people expect of them. A strong defense compliments impressive QB play from Teddy Bridgewater. Louisville covers.

AOT: North Carolina covers and straight up beats Louisville on the strength of their defense.

Wake Forest (+28) at Florida State

LB: Easy pick for Florida State to win the game, but as a 28 point favorite will they cover at home against Wake Forest? Being at home and playing their first conference game, I think Florida State will look to crush Wake's spirits after their win over UNC last week and make a statement as to who's in control of the Atlantic Division.

Obvious picks: Miami defeats Bethune-Cookman, Clemson defeats Furman, NC State defeats South Alabama, Duke defeats North Carolina Central

Where'd we mess up? Any games going to be more exciting than we're predicting? Does Georgia Tech cover a 10 point spread tomorrow? The floor is yours, readers.