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Thursday Morning Linkage

Yesterday was filled with news on the ACC's addition of Notre Dame in every sport except for football. Get caught up with that (and more) below.

Our team "feels like they have this season right where they want it." After a 1-1 start, how does that make any sense? Read on. (via ACC Sports Journal)

Mark Bradley thinks Notre Dame will be playing football in the ACC before too much longer. (via

One Foot Down, SBN's Notre Dame affiliate, really likes this move to the ACC....and seems to have forgotten about any sense of "rivalry" that we consider to have with them. (via One Foot Down)

Friends of FTRS The Key Play weigh in on Notre Dame's change. (via The Key Play)

Here are three tweets summing up the B1G's awful weekend. (via SB Nation)

If you haven't already seen, here are our answers to Streaking the Lawn's questions. (via Streaking the Lawn)

Seen any good articles lately? Have any new thoughts on the Notre Dame addition? Let's hear it.