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Monday Afternoon Link Dump

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Below are some links wrapping up a) how our opponents fared this week, and b) keeping you up to date on the nonsensical sport we love.

Our opponents:

They weren't exactly on upset alert, but Virginia Tech (weird helmets and all) were less than impressive in defeating Austin Peay. (via Gobbler Country)

Our upcoming opponent, the Virginia Cavaliers, took advantage of a terrible Penn State kicking game and won a thriller to send Penn State to 0-2. So what are Virginia fans left to wonder about? (via Streaking the Lawn)

Miami went to Manhattan to play against Kansas State and got absolutely WHIPPED. Don't worry, Miami, we know those feels.... (via CaneSpace)

Middle Tennesee 31, Florida Atlantic 17. No blog here, just a game recap. (via

Clemson gave Ball State a whoopin', as expected, but leaves some uncertainty surrounding the team (particularly the defense) (via Shakin' the Southland)

Boston College took a while to get started in their 34-3 victory over Maine, which isn't too comforting with Northwestern on the horizon... (via BC Interruption)

But wait, there's more! And it gets better.

BYU beat Weber State, but in keeping with the theme of underperforming against lesser opponents, they saw issues on the offensive line, among other areas. (via Vanquish the Foe)

Similarly, Maryland beat Temple 36-27 in a sloppy game that left their fans unsatisfied. (via Testudo Times)

UNC lost on the road to Wake Forest 28-27. I'll just leave it at that. (via Carolina March)

Duke got lit up by a Stanford team that they expected to fare better against. I think I feel comfortable saying that I'm not the only one shocked by it, but the Duke program feels as though they learned a lot about themselves from the game. (via News Observer)

In a game nowhere near as close as I thought it would be, georgie beat Mizzou by 3 touchdowns, though much of that margin was a result of Mizzou playing incredibly sloppy football in the second half. georgie defense did look good though, and their "Old Man Football" was good enough to make one of the losers apologize to Coach Richt after the game. Life pro tips, kids: never talk crap about a team you aren't expected to beat. (via Dawg Sports)

Other stuff:

One of SB Nation's writers went behind-the-scenes with Western Kentucky as they prepared to play the big, bad Crimson Tide.

Georgia Tech is ranked #37 in this week's simulated BCS standings. We should be worried, guys -- this stuff is important at this time of the season! (/sarcasm)

Arkansas laid an egg at home on Saturday evening, and was beaten by major underdog UL-Monroe. What's next for these two programs, Bill Connelly?

Finally, as always, here's Shutdown Fullback to wrapup the weekend for you.