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Presbyterian - A Trap Game???

25 Days Til' Kickoff!!

Joey asked me to post this preview of our Week 2 game against Presbyterian by calling it a "Trap Game." According to Yahoo Answers a "Trap Game" is a game that is played before or after a tough or rival opponent. Teams have a tendency to look past an opponent preparing for the following week's game, or have a letdown after beating a tough or rival opponent. Since we have this game sandwiched between Virginia Tech and Virginia, two tough ACC opponents, it qualifies on both counts.

The Blue Hose open their season against Brevard at home, so the spread option will be huge uptick in many ways for their defense. Especially the speed of the game. Last year they surrendered over 60 points twice and over 40 points on two additional occasions. This is not a Big South powerhouse. They were win-less on the road in six games, including ugly losses to Furman and Georgia Southern.

It is hard to see how this game could be close, none of our previous games against them were. Of course, you may not remember our games in 1935-37. It is certain they wish those games had never happened. It was 35-0, 55-0, and 59-0. But, here is how we could lose this game, after the jump.

Whether we win or lose at Blacksburg, it is certain the first time anyone associated with our team thinks about this game will be Tuesday morning, the day after Labor Day. We will have two practice sessions looking at their game against Brevard and hearing from our scout coaches about which players and schemes we should watch for. This is not much time folks. I bet their coaches are already prepping them on the option.

When the game starts we will be playing before our home crowd who will be expecting a butt-kicking performance similar to one of those games in the 30's. Some of our players will share that expectation. We need to kick butt in the very first series, otherwise this game will not be as easy as we wish. A fumble or interception could give Presbyterian an easy score. A missed assignment on special teams could result in a blocked kick or punt return. What we do not want is a 7-7 tie or 10-7 game after the first quarter.

What I want to have happen is what we did to MTSU last year. Score early, get a stop and score again. Make it look as if the blue stockings should have never crossed the state line. I want to see 35 -42 points on the board by halftime and lots of Vad Lee in the second half. Anything less will be a disappointment.