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Let's Pick 'Em!

An extra element of fun this fall, I thought, would be to have a community-wide pick 'em league. Each week, you will pick the winner of certain Yahoo-determined games around the league, as well as all ACC games. Your lowest scoring week will be dropped, and from there the best picking team will be declared FTRS's Fall 2012 Pick 'Em Champion, and will have their username displayed on the revered FTRS Hall of Fantasy Champions forever. I've already registered myself and established a league. Care to join me?

If you want to take part, head over to Yahoo's CFB Pick 'Em Home, and click on "Join League". The group ID is 12963, and the password is FTR$ (yes, that's a dollar sign, and not an 'S'). From there, create a pick set under your username, and start picking! The first week of games has already been listed, though without a spread.

Best of luck, and happy picking!