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The Game We May Win Without Playing: UNC

Will we be able to keep beating the Tar Heels without Julian Burnett?
Will we be able to keep beating the Tar Heels without Julian Burnett?

Of course, that's a ridiculous tagline to use for a game, and the only way it's possible is in the highly unlikely case that the NCAA brings down their wrath with the intensity of 1000 suns on UNC mid-season (for those just tuning in, the Tar Heels are about to have their entire athletics department lit up by the NCAA's ban hammer), but is still worth mentioning.

Last season, in anticipation of the oncoming NCAA infractions, UNC fired head coach Butch Davis before the season and hired on Larry Fedora out of Southern Miss post-season. Last year they finished 7-6 under interim head coach Everett Withers, and this year have very high hopes with the arrival of the offensive mastermind that is Larry Fedora. I'm not one who's about to put much faith into a team under a first year head coach (we'll just say that 2008 was a pleasant surprise for me), and I'm not really expecting UNC to win more than 8 games this year. However, they could prove me wrong. Similarly, we've beaten them every time we've played them since I've been in college, and that's a trend that I could see continuing. Yet, we're playing this game in Chapel Hill, and it'll be late in Fedora's first basically I have no clue what to expect from this game. I think Georgia Tech wins by a touchdown, but will not be shocked if UNC sneaks up on us and wins.

I want to hear your thoughts -- how good will UNC be in their first year under Larry Fedora? Will the program be gone by November? Do we have any chance in Chapel Hill?