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Boston College: Where We Avenge Terrible Referees and the Leader of the Rise Up Movement

<em>Chase Rettig's 53.6% completion percentage last year has Rod Sweeting and the rest of our secondary licking their chops.</em>
Chase Rettig's 53.6% completion percentage last year has Rod Sweeting and the rest of our secondary licking their chops.

Let me start out by making sure we're all on the same page here. If you don't know the meaning of the first half of that title, here and here are a couple of good places to start. To clarify the second half, look here, and pay special attention to this guy (who I can't really hate outside of this article due to my professional allegiances). Everyone on the same page now? Good.

5 years ago, we got beat pretty soundly in our own backyard by Matt Ryan and Boston College. The referees were so bad that the crowd basically started a riot, throwing things onto the field, and ESPN had to mute them. A bit of a nasty game, I think we can all agree. In 2008, Paul Johnson's second game as head coach of our Yellow Jackets was in Chestnut Hill, where we came back to beat BC 19-16 -- a good win for us considering they were ACC Atlantic Champs that year and finished the regular season 9-3.

Now, we've played 3 full seasons since we last met with Boston College, and Paul Johnson's offense has taken much more shape. We've changed defensive coordinators (and schemes) and have changed the overall look of our team. Boston College has done the same, in that they have a new head coach (Frank Spaziani) and their team looks completely different -- although you should know that while our team looks better, theirs looks much, much worse. They finished last year 4-8 and didn't go to a bowl game for the first time in 12 years (and if you can't go to a bowl in this day and age, you're doing pretty damn bad -- just throwing that out there). Meanwhile, our Yellow Jackets continue to outperform their expectations and impress folks nationwide.

I feel quite confident in saying that on October 20, we'll avenge our '07 loss in a better fashion than our 3-point win in '08. We've got a lot more going for us than they do. I'll take Georgia Tech by at least 3 touchdowns in this game.

Let's hear it readers. Were you at the '07 game? Did I only hit the tip of the iceberg on that experience? Am I completely wrong on this game? Should BC be happy to only lose by 3 touchdowns?