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Monday Morning Recruitment Update Gets All Philosophical

It was a long 4th of July weekend for me, so forgive the off-topic nature of this "recruitment update". There has been very limited news in the past week surrounding our recruiting, so I'm going to present an interesting discussion worth having concerning another school's recruiting.

Those of you who already know who we're talking about here, keep reading. You're wrong. We're not talking about the school up in Athens this time. No, this time we're going to talk about a school found by going two hours north on I-85, to a small town known as Clemson, SC. You may know them better for literally the only thing there, Clemson University. Clemson's recruiting situation this year is an interesting one. They've already received a commitment from the consensus #1 prospect nationally, DE Robert Nkemdiche, as well as two of his Grayson teammates, RB Wayne Gallman and DB David Kamara, as well as a preferred walk-on commitment from Grayson QB Nick Schuessler (who had a scholarship offer from Mississippi St, I might add). Nkemdiche is excited about playing with these guys, especially Kamara and Schuessler, who he says are "like family". However, it seems that one piece of the puzzle is missing. Nkemdiche is reportedly not 100% set on his commitment, forever and ever amen, until Clemson gives an offer to Grayson DB Ryan Carter, a 5'10", 175lb corner with offers from Ole Miss, Tulane, Southern Miss, Georgia State, and Arkansas State.

To me, though, this begs the question: should Clemson give a scholarship to this kid, who they've obviously already had a chance to see play and were not particularly impressed by, as a way of securing one other commitment? As a way of securing four other commitments? Don't get me wrong, the kid started for Grayson, which if I'm remembering correctly has won multiple state titles in these boys' times there. Obviously they're a good team, and to start implies that a guy has some serious skills. However, are those skills D-1 skills, or skills that are worth taking on in order to keep his high school teammates on board for the long run? Let's hear your thoughts, FTRS readers.